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Mystery of Sargasso Sea game
Mystery of Sargasso Sea
Solve the mystery of the island of abandoned ships!
Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Fishdom 3 game
Fishdom 3
Maintain your underwater world in this 3D match-3 adventure!
Runefall game
Match your way across the kingdom of Silverdale.

Free Puzzle game downloads by date

Here you can find and download for free the best and latest puzzle games, such as Christmas Puzzle 3, Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles, Holiday Mosaics Halloween Puzzles, Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash, Puzzle Galaxies, and more.

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Christmas Puzzle 3 game
Puzzle game 72 MB
Christmas Puzzle 3
December 25, 2016
Help the Elf prepare the town for Christmas in this beautiful match 3 adventure! more…
Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles game
Puzzle game 256 MB
Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles
December 15, 2016
Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles – enjoy 120 puzzles made from colorful and breathtaking photos. more…
Holiday Mosaics Halloween Puzzles game
Puzzle game 262 MB
Holiday Mosaics Halloween Puzzles
October 30, 2016
Holiday Mosaics: Halloween Puzzles – enjoy 120 puzzles made from colorful and breathtaking photos more…
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash game
Puzzle game 98 MB
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash
October 26, 2016
Play more than 100 classic jigsaw puzzles, unlock bonus items with slider puzzles and decorate the house for Halloween. more…
Puzzle Galaxies game
Puzzle game 47 MB
Puzzle Galaxies
July 14, 2016
Race against the clock and your enemies. Can you match the jewels in each of the pods of the space station's pods before time runs out? more…
1001 Jigsaw World Tour: American Puzzle game
Puzzle game 283 MB
1001 Jigsaw World Tour: American Puzzle
July 1, 2016
1001 Jigsaw World Tour: American Puzzle is an exciting jigsaw puzzle game and tour guide with 500 high-quality photos. more…
Facility 47 game
Puzzle game 146 MB
Facility 47 (Puzzle games)
May 20, 2016
Take a journey through an isolated research facility in the Antarctic and discover the secrets of its past. more…
Secrets of Magic: The Book of Spells game
Puzzle game 66 MB
Secrets of Magic: The Book of Spells (Puzzle games)
May 19, 2016
Master this fun and challenging Match-3 game inspired by the magical world of witches and wizards! more…
Fantasy Mosaics 15: Ancient Land game
Puzzle game 93 MB
Fantasy Mosaics 15: Ancient Land (Puzzle games)
May 19, 2016
Join the penguin family on a journey to an ancient land and discover the mysteries of the penguin ancestors in the latest mosaic adventure! more…
Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip game
Puzzle game 65 MB
Rainbow Mosaics: Treasure Trip (Puzzle games)
May 13, 2016
Take a journey through Europe in a hot air balloon, seek hidden treasures and help bring criminals to justice! more…

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